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Aims to be the enabler of large-scale adoption of pure electric buses and trucks; Unique technology that powers the vehicle wirelessly from the road while driving; Removes the energy source from the vehicle, reduces the cost and weight dramatically and eliminates range anxiety; First pilots in Scandinavia and Israel; Publicly traded in TASE. 

Website:  https://www.electreon.com/

Mail: info@electreon.com



Manufactures, markets and sells unique compressed air storage and energy storage products and full-scale solutions ; Compressed air storage solution which is 80%-90% more cost effective than any other alternative system; Up to 45% compressed air energy cost reduction in industrial plants; Energy storage product under development roadmap; Defense application; sales in Israel with pipeline of over $5M for H1 2019; expansion to the US in 2019. Reverse merge to TASE traded company due 9/19

Website: https://aug-wind.com/

Mail: tamir@aug-wind.com



Cloud-based transport cross-company optimization platform that utilizes smart freight exchange to improve efficiency while reducing environmental impact; Enabling trucking companies to harness all the benefits of an in-house Transportation Management System, while minimizing empty truck rides; Creating largest mapping and data collection platform for commercial vehicles; Current reach to 7% of the market in France, expanding to Portugal, UK, Spain and Italy in 2019.


Mail: hanan@trucknet.io


Flywheel-based kinetic energy storage used for fast charging of EV’S; 

Complements the power required by the grid - enabling fast charging even in locations where high-voltage is not available from the grid; Only solution available for fast charging in areas with limited grid, globally; Successful pilot with Wien Energy, expanding with Skoda and ENEL in 2019.

Website:  https://www.chakratec.com/

Mail:  marketing@chakratec.com



Software as a service (SaaS) provider of mass-scale rooftop automated analytics; Provides exceptionally accurate assessment of rooftop solar and financial analytics for vast areas; Based on publicly available images; Aims to become a significant enabler to mass deployment of solar, for both residential and commercial buildings; Market place business model; Initial penetration in the US, Israel and Australia; Expansion to insurance risk assessment and geographic penetration to the UK in 2019.

Website:  https://www.solview.com/

Mail: ofer@solview.com

Blade Ranger

Provides autonomous robots and drones for cleaning and inspecting solar panels and solar power plants. The company's products are based on robotics components and advanced algorithms.

We seek to become the leading global supplier of scalable, automated robotic solutions for cleaning, inspection, and maintenance of solar photovoltaic installations. 

Website:  http://www.bladeranger.com

Mail:  info@bladeranger.com



Energy harvesting from vibration MEMS chip based on silicon/VLSI technology;

Enables energy harvesting in locations that experience vibrations on one hand, but are remote to the grid and difficult to maintain; Converts vibration energy to electrical energy enabling support of sensors or other Internet Of Things (IOT) end devices; R&D and strategic development stage, incubation period ends early 2020.

Website:  https://enervibe.co/

Mail: dan@enervibe.co​

 Capital Nature are externally pleasant to work with.  This is important in general but is essential when things don't move forward as expected, which is the case in every startup.  Business and funding support is the other reason.  CN is well connected in the industry and is offering its network to us whenever needed.  
Dr. Dan Haronian, CEO & co-foudner @ Enervibe
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